Saturday, July 18, 2015

Do you share my sorrow, too?

by azly rahman

 Do you share my sorrow too:

Upon reading

  • About the Low Yat Plaza incident that is now absurdly turning into a racial issue, with the forced invocation of May 13, 1969 and the ghosts of the bloodiest riot in our nation’s history.
  • About the continuing saga of the nation versus its own prime minister in regard to the mystery and the puzzlement of the issues related to 1MDB.
  • About the daily formal and informal reports of people getting burglarised and seriously injured, some meeting their death in such incidences.
  • About rape cases involving minors... gang rape... to be exact... of 10, 12, 30 young kids destroying each other! No-nonsense parenting is key here, I believe.
We must not lose hope, though. Let us help educate each other.  Our society is being destroyed, in front of our eyes... this is a wake-up call... each family has to do its own job of taking care of their children while slowly releasing these wonderful human beings into society to participate as good, intelligent, ethical citizens.

Our society is more concerned with  these slogans and questions:

Islamic state,
high-income society,
world-class education,
who wins in by-elections,
which politician is the most beautiful and good-looking,
who is the richest man or woman in the country,
which politician assemblyperson is going to jump ship,
how many more stadium roofs collapsing,
what airplane ping we are still hearing,
what derogatory word to use against each other or different race and religion,
what kind of shouting match to engage in in Parliament,
what X-rated sensational news to report even in the tabloids for the consumption of children since Sodomy I ,
how many milligrams of haram nano-substance is in the human body,
the endless Perkasa-Isma complaint against liberalism,
and all other categories of nonsense

... all these but not how to raise a good generation and ensure parental accountability...

Wake up, all of us, wake up... we are losing the next generation. The key is to fix education - making schools a happier place so that kids can find meaning, belongingness, are eager to learn every day, their gifts and talents appreciated, channeled well in the most productive ways, and they learn to craft vision... to get them out of the cycle of poverty, so that they will not detour daily to some empty houses, buildings, etc.

Not to play truant, ponteng kelas, and rape people... gang rape to be exact... and these children gang-raping, rempitising, and terrorising the neighbourhood, are mostly Malay-Muslims too, to be exact!

Distracted with issues that divide

Perkasa and Isma and those wishing to participate in genuine nation-building: help us reform these children of ours, too, rather than be distracted with issue that divide the nation and produce hatred.

I miss my kampong back in Johor Baru back in the day. I got to kiss the hands of old folk and give my respect to the elders as if each one of them is a Don Vito Corleone, the Godfather - because it took a kampong to raise us.

Politicians, I ask you: why can't your speeches be about:
  • Coming up with strategies to create a better understanding between the races, since we've been together for centuries?
  • Designing our education system to be inclusive of all Malaysians with each race treated on equal terms,
  • Helping any group progress, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, since we are all lawful citizens and we are not going back to ‘where we belong’,
  • Stopping this nonsense called ‘1Malaysia’ as a greeting since 1Malaysia is already enough as a meaningless slogan and even 1Mandela would be better,
  • Dismantling all systems that will perpetuate hatred amongst us and redesign our lives around celebrating our strength in diversity,
  • Find ways to unify all races as one dignified race of Malaysians united against any threats from outside (if there are any real or imagined,)
  • Coming together as Malaysians to redesign our education system that will truly enhance children's understanding of concepts, skills, attitude to become good learners, global and transcultural in outlook, and will grow up to see each other as a human race with a common humane destiny, rather than see more divisions and destruction,
  • Collaborating with all races to see how best we can help those who are marginalised regardless of race and religion, and how best we can design an economic system that will promote cooperation, collaboration, and the enculturalisation of conscience and conscientiousness amongst us, rather that perpetually create competitions that lead to hatred and warmongering,
  • Mediating the differences between Muslims of different interpretive practices, schools of thoughts, ways of leading their ‘Islamic life’ rather than create bogeymen and bogeywomen for the purpose of witch-hunting and persecuting each other of the things we cannot fully understand,
  • Stopping the total closing of the Malay mind by constantly instilling fear of themselves since time immemorial, since feudal times, so that the Malays can be spared of being called stupid, weak, lazy, and dependent on Umno as saviour - all these a perfect model of a Master-Slave Narrative,
We need new speeches from you, Umno... we need saner ones...
you are a political party more intelligent than being imploded by the mess you are in...
a party my beloved grandfather a good ol’ Johorean was proud of back in the days of its early struggle... back in Johor Baru where it all started.
a grandfather I saw cried profusely in a corner, the day Abdul Razak Hussein died...

Behave now like an adult ... you are already 60!
or - are your days numbered, and better dismantled altogether, giving way to parties championing cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism with peace and social justice as agenda?

If you wish to still champion the Malays, take them out of the shackle of depression, beginning with our youth. The incident at Low Yat Plaza is an example of what has become of our children – lost in the pile of wealth we have accumulated the most corrupt way.

There is still time - if we all share the same sorrow.


Thursday, July 16, 2015



Malaysia Investigates Leaks Claiming to Show Transfers to Najib Razak

BANGKOK — The Malaysian police said on Monday that they were opening an investigation into whether government officials, including central bank personnel, were the source of leaked documents purporting to show the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars into the bank accounts of Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife.

Mr. Najib, who was already unpopular for imposing a nationwide sales tax in April to pay for large budget shortfalls, has been embroiled in a scandal over billions of dollars that his critics say are missing from a sovereign wealth fund, 1Malaysia Development Berhad, also known as 1MDB.
The leaked documents were part of an investigation into the fund and were published by The Wall Street Journal and a website, Sarawak Report, this month. They purport to show transfers of around $700 million into what are described as Mr. Najib’s personal bank accounts. Sarawak Report also reported cash deposits of two million ringgit, or around $525,000, into the account of Rosmah Mansor, Mr. Najib’s wife, this year.
Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia. Credit Manan Vatsyayana/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
Mr. Najib’s office did not respond to a request for comment on Monday, but he said in a statement this month that he had “never taken funds for personal gain.” He has also denied that money is missing from the sovereign wealth fund.
The police said on Monday that they would investigate whether leaking the documents constituted “economic sabotage against Malaysia.”

“These criminal acts are very serious and raise national security implications,” Khalid Abu Bakar, the country’s inspector general of police, said in a statement, referring to the leaks. “The Royal Malaysia Police have not eliminated the possibility of a conspiracy to subvert Malaysia’s democratic process and topple the prime minister.”

The central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, on Sunday rejected suggestions that its officials might have given the documents to the news outlets. “Such allegations are without basis,” the bank said in a statement. The bank transfers have raised questions about how much Bank Negara knew about the transfers and whether they violated money laundering laws.

The bank said it was committed to “uncovering the truth in a fair and just manner.”
Mr. Najib’s party, the United Malays National Organization, has governed Malaysia since it gained independence from Britain 58 years ago, and numerous financial scandals have failed to dislodge it from power. But the investigation into the sovereign wealth fund has the backing of powerful politicians within the party, including former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

The investigation has split the governing elites and even appears to have divided Mr. Najib’s family. The prime minister’s brother, Nazir Razak, a banker, praised the central bank on Monday for its commitment to uncover the truth. “Great statement — timely, firm and unambiguous,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

Ibrahim Suffian, director of the Merdeka Center, an independent polling company, said the scandal over the tangled finances of the sovereign wealth fund had been difficult for the public to follow. But Mr. Mahathir’s recent attacks on the prime minister, and the allegations of the transfers directly into Mr. Najib’s accounts, have brought more clarity and urgency to the issue and made it more dangerous for Mr. Najib than past scandals have been, he said.

“I strongly suspect that this time around it’s going to be different,” Mr. Ibrahim said. “People feel personally linked to the issue.” The imposition of the sales tax in April made Malaysians feel that they are “invested in the problem,” he said.

A law firm representing Ms. Rosmah, Mr. Najib’s wife, said in a statement that she had “not committed any criminal offense or any misappropriation of funds.” The law firm said the funds in her account had no links to the sovereign wealth fund, but it did not specify the origin of the cash.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Neo-Malaysian Dilemma, a Godfather plot

by azly rahman

We are in a huge mess, as a nation, aren’t we? How do we make sense of what is happening? Is there a way out of this political-economic, and cultural-spiritual quagmire? How did we get here? Our story is looking like that of Mario Puzo’s ‘Godfather’ and Vyasa’s ‘Mahabharatta’ combined. Back in the day it was ‘The Malay Dilemma’. Today it is one for all of us - a neo-Malaysian Dilemma.

Einstein once said that you can’t solve a problem if you look at it from the plane the problem was created, to that effect. You can’t be switching actors and leaders just because you mastered the plot of the Godfather movies; looking at political leadership via the lens of ‘Omerta’ (code of silence) and loyalty to family and wishing to create more Corleones in this war between the Tattaglias and the Barzinis.

It is a mess is it not? An all-out war over resources and territories - the classic gangland war and slayings albeit no bloodshed but egos blown to pieces by C4 explosives and “you take my men - I take yours” kind of warfare, coupled with a Mahabharatta-like spiced-up plot wherein students and band of brothers go against their gurus, aunts and uncles, and pandithas and good men become Duryodhanas (the Durjanas) and there is no Lord Krishna to guide a hero - the true hero is missing from this Mario-Puzo-Vyasa plot.

This is the new Malaysian dilemma. The ruling party is feeling the aftermath of too-much partying and the opposition has declared itself that three is a crowd. The economy's ill-stricken, the Ringgit is sliding like an unhappy kid in a village playground pushed forth by a kampong bully, and one after the other those running the government-linked companies (GLCs) are accused of stealing money.

Everybody seem to be fighting with somebody over something and leaders seems to not care of what is happening to the country any more as long as they can stash as much money as they can before this Merdeka ship sinks.

But we are going to have 1.5 million Bangladeshis within the next few years. The more the merrier, as some would see it.

Who cares if there will be more gangs amongst the dispossessed youth already here when then discover that even the jobs available in the plantations are no longer available. Who cares about urban decay and children of illegal immigrants are not properly Malaysianised - because there is not much understanding of what a ‘Malaysian is these days’ anyway.

Politicians have been busy for 50 years developing networks of gangland influences and guarding their territories and perfecting the art of lying and robbing the national coffers that not much time have been spent mastering the art of educating the citizens for good citizenship and nurturing the much-needed and highly-prized sense of multiculturalism.

Forget about national integration through education. The Education Ministry is not too keen in making the next generation think and feel and act and behave and live together like Malaysians.

That is not in the vocabulary of the current regime - keep designing systems of schooling that continue to ensure monoculturalism reigns -- keep the Mara Junior Science Colleges (MRSMs) almost all Malays, Universiti Teknologi Maras (UiTMs) too, and get more and more race-based policies to dictate the terms of schooling as social reproduction.

Feudal myth of the ‘daulat’

Keep the Biro Totalitarianisma Negara and keep the Malays fearful not only of other races but primarily of their own shadow. This is good to keep the current leaders in power. Neo-feudalism at work. Thanks to the feudal myth of the ‘daulat’. Supernaturalism as ideology still works, in its reconstructed systemic form; with proper use of the Ideological State Apparatuses. Hegemony, hegemony, hegemony - as Antonio Gramsci would yell in Italian, from his prison cell.

I love watching butterflies in my garden these days... watching them land on my ‘butterfly bushes’. That one butterfly that flapped its wings in the Amazon a century ago, not ‘contributing to the ripples created today’ - notion of change. That Mandelbrott pattern created of society. That seed planted by Mahathir and those before him - now germinating and creating our darkest Spring.

That system of neo-liberal economic system installed that as led to a strange Asian-despotic styled hyper-modernity in which one can regularly put millions of ringgit in one’s account abroad and still talk about Islam and Nationalism.

I feel this is always a reminder that to look at society I must take heed of the Einsteinian notion of studying phenomena; through the lens of Complex and Chaos Theory foundationed upon Critical Theory and perspectives that are kaleidoscopic.

Okay - done with my writing. Back to meditating and levitating.

But welcome to the Bolehland Matrix. We have all been made to swallow the Red Pill. We are awaiting a Messiah to give us our Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun. Pray hard for his coming.

Again - how do we get out of this mess and not turn Greek?


Saturday, July 04, 2015

There is only ‘Bangsa Malaysia’, here

by azly rahman

I wish to comment on the recent interest in the term ‘Bangsa Johor’, and encourage instead for us to think as Malaysians first. We still have a lot to work on as a nation of multi-bangsa identities striving for equality, equal opportunity, equality, peace, and social justice. No need to fragment us unnecessarily - especially at a time when our nation is in deep political trouble, financial mess, and economic chaos never before seen.

Let us be more inclusive and continue to think more as a nation rather than pigeon-hole ourselves into this or that ‘bangsa’/race/nation which has no legitimate basis to secede and fight for independence later.

Of course the United Nations recognises one ‘nation’s’ right for self-determinism but only if the peoples are oppressed, criminalised, persecuted, and treated as sub-humans and their rights as human beings are violated. And only if they are relegated as a nation to abject poverty, eating dirt daily.

I grew up only hearing words such as ‘Orang Johor’, and never once ‘Bangsa Johor’. There are other ‘orangs’ as well. Oghe’ Kelate’, Orang Pahang. Oghe’ Ganoo, Owang Nogori. Ong Melaka, Oghang Perak, Orang Sabah, Orang Sarawak, Oghang Kedoh, and also Owang Peghelih. And crossing borders, we have ‘Owang Siam’.

These cover the spectrum of of people in Malaysia, each with its niceties and peculiarities and linguistically variant complexities, especially in the ‘funny way they talk’.

Those were that.

Nothing politically-charged the term ‘orang’ is. Of course growing up, I hear also terms such as ‘Orang Kuala’, ‘Orang Ulu’, and ‘Orang Bukit’ - the designation of the original peoples of Malaysia.

And of course there is ‘Orang KL or Kay Elll...’ as many take pride in, in identifying themselves and the ‘modernist look and outlook’ that they are said to embody and represent, albeit with false consciousness essentially. And of course too - ‘orang gila’ or mad men and mad women.

All ‘orangs’ or ‘folks of...’ and not ‘bangsa’, a politically-charged term that is a prelude to self-determination. Bangsa Moro of the Philippines comes into mind.

And then there is Louis Farrakhan’s ‘Nation of Islam’ as Bangsa Islam Amerika - a race-based African-American Muslim group that hailed Elijah Muhammad as ‘prophet’.

The idea of ‘nation’

But ‘Bangsa Johor’? What is this new invention? Sounds like something new that is cropping out of nowhere. Perhaps for no reason, too? I am not familiar with this term inviting Johoreans to a world of ‘nationalism’? Does anyone understand the idea of ‘nation’, originating from France? Do these people read the classic work of Ernst Renan or even recent works of William R Roff (on Malay origin of nationalism,) and Benedict Anderson on ‘imagined communities’, to throw the word ‘bangsa’ around?

Or do we need to focus urgently on building a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’, for an inclusive version of Malaysian Malaysia along the lines of the promises of the Principles of Nationhood (Rukunegara) and of the formation of Malaysia?

Why not do this as we struggle to make sense of what a ‘Malaysian nation’ is in the face of the importation of workers from Bangladesh especially, who will impact the evolutionary process of building the nation of Malaysia. Why not do this?

Why not think of how the wealth of Malaysia to be distributed with the principles of justice, so that in each state concentration of wealth will no longer be with the few - with those controlling the resources and using the state apparatuses to controlled the people and use the idea of this or that "bangsa" as a smokescreen to impose structures of domination and dehumanisation?

Reflecting on the meaninglessness of the word ‘Bangsa Johor’, or bangsa this or that, I am reminded by the great Indonesian novel, ‘Anak Semua Bangsa’, or Child of all Nations by the great Indonesian thinker-writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer or ‘Pak Prem’, jailed for 14 years during and denied pen and paper to write his thoughts on Indonesia’s social cancer.

We are a child of all nations, in this earth for mankind (anak semua bangsa di bumi manusia,) aren’t we? As Malaysians, think proudly of your culture, pride, and heritage - but think as a people of a cosmopolitan national entity as well.

Citizens of the world we are. Out of Africa we all come from; from the womb of the mythical and mitochondrial eve. Each one of us an aristocrat - until social inventions and dominations and historical turns create classes of the powerful and the powerless, Masters and Slaves, amongst us - through the strange idea of the ‘mandate of heaven’.

I hope those who coined the words ‘Bangsa Johor’ get the chance to read the Swiss Enlightenment thinker Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s idea of the evolution of the Master-Slave narrative.

No - ‘Bangsa Johor’ is an unfamiliar invention of an imagined community. But what is the point there?

Nope - I prefer the old term ‘Budak Johor’ or ‘Mat Johor’. It rocks!

But seriously - there is only a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ still yearning to break free from its national follies.


Friday, July 03, 2015

POETRY: "This Aristotlelian poetics of yours "

by azly rahman 

Show me the mirror of Aristotleian poetics
and let me go back to the Time
when I could see the script and postscripts of Life
of the setting
the plot
of those characters I was forced to meet
of the fights
the battles
the wars
I was thrown into
endless it seems 'unlike the structure of tragedy
Aristotleian invention
show me more of the complexities of what you have created
because you are the Author of Things
show me all the rising actions my Life have been through
those microfictions that weave like a sonnet of shakespearean proportions
the ramayana and the mahabharatta of your pulp fiction
of the rising action of that rock Sisyphus was condemned into rolling
show me all -- the conflicts in the life I have lived 

the life you have written
the life I have edited, revised, or even at times
this script of it I have shredded to pieces -- right in front of your eyes
show me then the climb -- higher and higher
until I reach the everest of the epic we have decided upon
of the climax of it all
and I-- still with the rock Camus wrote of, wondering where
I shall not go as I look above and below
in the nakedness of my soul
my spirit still deciding
whether to soar like Jonathan Livingston's seagull
of to plunge in the ravine down below like Man all done with Life
show me the way -- you are the Author of all Things
I am one and becoming one with your authorship
this is the prose of life , you said
and I am to become an epic poem
of yet another catharsis of a creation
in which eros, thanatos, and hubris, and hamartia all is one
in a that fountain of the peak I am now standing on
I shall now stand here like sisyphus
as I look down below
for a falling action
for that descend
you have planned
for a final destination
of a resolution
for a closure
for an end to a story

-- all these a plot of yours
I shall remain here and
and elsewhere
you shall remain with your script
you and I
are now
two different Authors

-- azly rahman

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

POETRY: Complexity


perhaps someday
when the rustle of the autumn leaves
is a whisper of distant breeze
becomes that butterfly that flaps its wings
that time
sometime ago
sending chills down the spine of
the one that turns clay into sculptures
that sings like those sirens of homer's odyssey
the memory of those years
we wished we were there

perhaps someday
we may become
those casual conversations
in a cafe
on park avenue
conversations without words uttered
mere glances
mere melodies
in our hearts
that refuse to let the world know
of a time we once met
in a distant place
some thousand year ago they say
when Time stood still
watching two hearts
become one
and nothingness, hence
to the music of
the rustle of the
autumn leaves
that evening of our contentment

Perhaps, someday
was already there
remembered not

-- ar

Monday, June 29, 2015

ON MARA -- Where is the truth?





MARA guna 7 syarikat serata dunia untuk sembunyikan pembelian hartanah di Australia yang dituduh melibatkan rasuah. Jika tidak ada apa yang salah, kenapa perlu disembunyikan sedemikian rupa?

Gambar dan dokumen di…/struktur-syarikat-mara-inc-memuda…/

National Oversight & Whistleblowers (NOW) merujuk kepada kenyataan-kenyataan Tan Sri Anuar Musa kebelakangan ini mengenai skandal pembelian hartanah oleh MARA Inc; seperti berikut:

1. Beliau memberi gambaran seolah-olah beliau tidak tahu menahu mengenai kontroversi pembelian itu sehinggalah isu itu ditimbulkan

2. Beliau memberi gambaran bahawa berdasarkan maklumat yang ada pada MARA, pembelian itu adalah baik dan tidak ada apa-apa yang menimbulkan syak wasangka mengenai urusniaga tersebut
Minggu lalu, saya (Rafizi Ramli) berada di Australia untuk beberapa urusan dan sempat membuat siasatan ringkas mengenai pembelian hartanah-hartanah tersebut.

Saya berjaya mendapatkan satu dokumen dalaman MARA yang digunakan di dalam satu taklimat kepada Tan Sri Anuar Musa dan delegasi MARA mengenai pembelian hartanah ini. Taklimat itu diberikan pada 20 Mei 2014 di Melbourne dan selain dari Tan Sri Anuar Musa sendiri, delegasi MARA itu turut disertai oleh Dato’ Lan Allani iaitu individu yang dikaitkan bertanggungjawab dengan pembelian hartanah ini.

Lawatan delegasi MARA ini untuk melawat hartanah yang baru dibeli di Melbourne dilaporkan oleh Kementerian Luar Negara di lamannya…/majlis-amanah-rakyat-mara-working-v…
Gambar-gambar lawatan seperti berikut:

Dokumen dalaman yang berbentuk taklimat kepada Tan Sri Anuar Musa dan delegasi MARA itu memberi beberapa maklumat penting mengenai keseluruhan pelaburan hartanah MARA Inc di Melbourne. Salah satunya ialah struktur pegangan syarikat-syarikat milik penuh MARA Inc yang akhirnya memiliki 4 hartanah yang dibeli iaitu:

1. 746 Swanston Street
2. Dudley International House
3. 333 Exhibition Street
4. 51 Queen Street

Saya sertakan 2 mukarusat dari dokumen itu yang menunjukkan struktur pegangan syarikat-syarikat milik penuh MARA Inc. Daripada dokumen tersebut, dapat disahkan bahawa:

i. Bagi 2 hartanah (746 Swanston Street dan Dudley International House), MARA Inc menubuhkan satu syarikat milik penuh di luar pesisir pantai (offshore company) yang didaftarkan di British Virgin Island (BVI) untuk memiliki 2 hartanah ini. Syarikat BVI bermakna segala maklumat kewangan dan operasi syarikat ini dilindungi sepenuhnya oleh kerahsiaan dan tidak termasuk di dalam carian umum

ii. Bagi 2 lagi hartanah (333 Exhibition Street dan 51 Queen Street), MARA Inc menggunakan 3 lapisan syarikat di negara yang berbeza untuk memiliki hartanah ini.

Bagi 333 Exhibition Street, hartanah ini dipegang melalui Powerwell Holdings Limited (didaftarkan di Labuan), yang seterusnya memiliki Carlton Garden Pte Ltd (didaftarkan di Singapura), yang seterusnya memiliki Peters Equity Pty Ltd (didaftarkan di Australia) yang akhirnya memiliki hartanah itu.

Bagi 51 Queen Street, hartanah ini dipegang melalui Vortex Holdings Limited (didaftarkan di Labuan), yang seterusnya memiliki Marinn Property Pte Ltd (didaftarkan di Singapura), yang seterusnya memiliki Queville Pty Ltd (didaftarkan di Australia) yang akhirnya memiliki hartanah itu.
Daripada maklumat-maklumat ini, jelas bahawa pembelian hartanah ini distrukturkan untuk menyembunyikannya dari pengetahuan awam dengan menggunakan syarikat pesisir luar pantai di BVI atau menggunakan beberapa lapisan syarikat yang didaftarkan di negara yang berbeza untuk memisahkan hartanah itu dari MARA Inc.

Tindakan menggunakan syarikat-syarikat yang berbeza-beza ini bukan sahaja sepatutnya menimbulkan syak wasangka, ia juga menelan belanja pengurusan dan pentabdiran yang merugikan MARA.

Oleh kerana Tan Sri Anuar Musa telah melawat sendiri hartanah-hartanah ini dengan diiringi oleh Dato’ Lan Allani dan diberikan maklumat ini sejak tahun 2014 lagi, NOW mengajukan soalan-soalan berikut kepada beliau:

i. Bukankah sepatutnya Tan Sri Anuar Musa sudah sedia maklum bahawa pembelian hartanah ini bermasalah melihatkan kepada struktur pegangan yang digunakan MARA Inc?

ii. Kenapa beliau tidak mengarahkan siasatan yang lebih awal sejak tahun 2014 lagi dan bukannya selepas perkara ini didedahkan oleh akhbar Australia?

iii. Kenapa syarikat-syarikat di BVI, Labuan dan Singapura digunakan untuk membeli hartanah-hartanah ini sedangkan pemilik sebenarnya ialah MARA Inc?

Daripada dokumen yang diperolehi, NOW akan mendedahkan beberapa perkara lagi minggu ini yang menunjukkan bagaimana pelaburan hartanah ini tidak memenuhi syarat pulangan kepada MARA dan sepatutnya telah dihentikan oleh Tan Sri Anuar Musa sebaik sahaja beliau menjadi Pengerusi MARA.

Pengarah Eksekutif NOW
29 Jun 2015


Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to Malaysianise the Bangladeshis?

by azly rahman

As a student of Globalisation and Human Consequences and one who also teaches related courses such as Global Issues and the American Experience, I am intrigued by the latest development of Malaysia; that, as reported, over a period of three years, 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers are going to be brought in, I suppose as contract labourers working on construction projects.

My first question is: what actually is Malaysia’s policy of national infrastructural development at a time when the economy is going through a massive heart attack and if plans to further engage in real estate projects will help the country move from the Intensive Care Unit to the mortuary?

Bringing in half a million workers a year seems like something planned not only for economic purposes, but for political gains of the ruling regime; gains we are yet to ascertain as the next general election approaches.

What national infrastructural blueprint have we constructed that necessitate such a large number of workers whose life and times will mirror that of those working in places such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar (under heavy criticism on the inhuman treatment of foreign workers as the preparation for a World Cup is under way.)

Where are these additional 500,000 per year Bangladeshis going to be properly housed as major cities such as Kuala Lumpur becomes massively urbanised and plagued with massive issues of ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ of the dehumanised urbanites?

Have we not done any studies, inspired for example by the Model of Futurism, to anticipate (via Scenario Building, Futures Wheel Modelling, Simulation exercise, etc.) what will happen to society when a massive influx of migrant workers are brought in to a city that is already choking with the smog and social ills brought about by the urban decay and the ever growing enclaves of dehumanised habitats as a consequence of previous waves of modern migration?

What actually is going to happen to the city of Kuala Lumpur (and other major ones such a Johor Baru as well) and how will such a planned migration to the idea of national development and national identity of ‘Malaysiana’ we have been talking about for decades before we got addicted to cheap foreign labour?

Who is going to lose in the long run? Who is gaining in the short period of time? What will the children of Malaysia inherit?

Constructing their own developmental agenda

Can’t we tell countries such as Bangladesh to get their act together and stop agreeing to send their people to work in Malaysia and instead use their brains to help construct their own national developmental agenda using their own resources - skilled labour in this case? Become socialist communist states, if these countries must - use their workers and farmers to build their nation.

Granted that globalisation is a complex phenomena and one nation’s benefit as master surfers of it can be another nation’s slave ship, but let us at least (for Malaysia) form a special ‘council of concerned experts’ (if you must call them,) to think of the human consequences of blindly following the road to serfdom, this unthinking profit-motif capitalist agenda, this addiction to human labour of other nationals’ blood, sweat, tears, and fears - these issues discussed thoroughly, so that we may have a clearer picture of how our society will be impacted.

I don’t know. We don’t even know who is running the country these days.

All we are seeing is a nation not only in a bipolar state but moving towards tripolarist quadrophenic-phobic-kaleidoscopic-catatonic state in a world increasingly totalitarian and violent, irrespective of which national ideology is governing each nation, state, or ‘nation-state’.

Hard times ahead?

What then must we do - at least for the sake of our children?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


free flow
written late last night, June 22, 2015
-- ar

by azly rahman


and the time hath come for the stories once told
would once again be inscribed onto the scriptures one dearly hold
that the armies of the night
borne out of the rages of tempest delight
would march by the thousands
all masked
their souls crafted out of fire burning through the night
come hither scribes of the puranas
come poets of gilgamesh
with your chisel and tablet we shall await the warrior Indra

“Tablet 1”

O' Darkness
you have come with a Companion
one I am yet to see
a mirror of the Self
as you once promised
O' Darkness
O' Void
you have come again
as we sit in silence
a congregation of two
amidst the chaos
of what is beyond these walls
of white noise of the machines
singing like a chorus of a mantra
of material beings
unto me served
these offerings
of questions and nothing else
as I am bathed in this sudden ray of light
be and Thou shall be
become what you wish to become
as the Inner Desire in me implanted
like some "biochip" of a time to come
ready to be activated at the time of conception
Be and Thou shall be
surreal a being Thou shall become
unto thee the tools of work and play
or toil and pleasure
shall Thee create
Be! I command Thee to be
to exist
to be bathed
in this mystery
like a shroud of the dead and grateful
of a karma Thou will become daily
From what worlds am I to be
From which distant world am I set to be free?
O' Void
O' Darkness
I shall be what you have destined me to be
But Thou shall be ready
For a revolt
Of the senses
that too will govern me
As you please
Be as you say I shall be – ar

“Tablet 2”

O' Darkness
O' Void
a friend
an enemy
from Light you Thou have sprung
Unto Light Thou shall return
Darkness and Light will once again be
Wars Thou have fought
Battles Thou have won
and Lost
Rages on
Till this day
of the day when Thou
have created anew
Souls that will Be
and will become
yet another soldier of Fortune
and Misfortune
to see yet another battle
Winners and Losers
Like Darkness
Like Void
Like a Companion
All One
and the same
But indeed
Be .. as Thouest shall say
And Beings shall be
But imbued with Senses Five
and a Will to revolt
so that Thou too shall be set free
from the misery
of this never-ending
War of Misfortune
and Misery -- ar

“Tablet 3”

Tell me what I shall be
Only with words and more words
What I shall become
Because there shall never be
a Creation without the words Thou shall
unto the self, the mind, the body
Words becometh flesh
Becomes beings with feelings
Become Time and Space that will constrain
Be- and Thou shall become' as it is often said
Tell me of the Inner Mystery
O' Darkness
O' Void
O' Light of Sanity
Tell me about the Inner Desire
of the Lake of Plenty
of the warm Spring of Sanity
Thou have bathed my soul in
That I have become One in
That I have become Many in
tell me what springs forth for Thine's own game
of Creation and Karma
of path thou have carved for souls aplenty
tell me these and I shall guess what shall
the outcome of the game plan
So that I may choose which words
which inscriptions
of the soul
of the self
of the spirit
I shall choose
for Thee to install in me -- ar

“Tablet 4”

Hush and hush and hush
and whisper to me
If that is what Thou intend this to be
Speak to me in riddles
Speak to me in words that may confuse
Speak to me in jest
Speak to me with Mercy
You and I
will there only be
Beyond the walls of this cave
Lie souls aplenty
they call 'society'
The beast that will never understand
What Thou have planned this game of life to be
Lift me out of this Lake of Mercy
Whisper to me what the end of the journey might be
Dim the light of darkness in this darkest cave
if our conversation
will set us free
These words Thou will whisper
as these are 'tatoo-ed' into me
-into my self
-my spirit
-my soul
-my body
becomes words
only words
that will keep me alive
from cradle
to the grave
O' Darkness
O' Void
O' Merciful
My words becomes Thee
In this world of the 'persistence of memory,'
Is that not what we have agreed?

“Tablet 5”

Once Thou spoke to me of Time:
" Time
you have grown old
while the restlessness
of youth
in Humanity
leaving traces
of blood
in spaces
you cannot heal ..."
I have never understood Thine words of insanity
But now it hath become clear to me
As the wheels of Kama
The Law of Manu
the boddhisatva in me
completes its cycle
O' Darkness
O' Void
O' Merciful One
How could Thou and I be so wrong
in the story of Creation?
Come -- let us summon the Scribe
and write a story of Grace
of Wars no more
of Sufferings all gone
But as Thou have argued --
what then
what then
what then
shall the Story of Life be?

“Tablet 6”

Let the Beast called Society
roam free in the Concrete Jungle of Plenty
as Thou and I feast in this banquet of words and only words
whispering secrets of secrets
mysteries within mysteries
Let the Beast
roam free
in the Forest of Jataka
in some Jurassic Park
in the Lake of the Loons
in the floating baskets
of Aristophenes' Clouds
Let them be
beast of burden to the
words they too have heard
inscribed into
their souls
their spirits
their body
their thick skull
into their Happiness
of what they have chosen
and decreed to become
Come on
Thou and I
let us feast
from dawn to dusk
and into the darkness
of these seven phases of Time
of these seven Oceans of Mercy we shall sail into
of the travels into the seven heavens we have agreed to do
hush and hush and hush
Never tell this to the Best
called Society
O' Darkness
O' Void
O' Mercy
O' Love of my Nothingness
Let us dine
with words

“Tablet 7”

O' Darkness
O' Void
O' Nothingness
Did I not once speak about the garden I created
Out of the words and only words
Out of the persistence of memory so well crafted?
Better than the "Eden" I once heard about?
I called it Walden III:
In the center lies a circle
without borders in which lies an eternal flame
where must the self lie in Nature that hath no beginning nor end?
in my garden i asked
in Walden III i sat eyes closed
taming the flame
closer to my heart's desire you shall come as we become circles in search of a center ...
to return to the self if we must
until a new story we becometh
inside of me lies a paradise i see not
but in the manifest and the latent
i see not but in the eyes that sees me
in my garden i asked in Walden III
i sat with eyes closed to see the beauty of what lies unseen
roses why do you have thorns?
i asked
daily i tend to thee but daily thou unleashed the violence one can never see
o' roses climb thee to the heights of glory
beauty lies in thine's ephemereality
come the eyes of the storm
and thunder and lighting perish o' roses thou shall be
such is the beauty of this metaphor of a reality
a rose is a rose and nothing more
is that so doth Nature dictates
of sonnets and serenades thous hath been glorified to this date
yet unto dust thou shall dissipate
O Nature I salute thee
you and I may well be a conspiracy
when i tend to thee we shall both agree
that thou shall chant my name
and together rise to the himalayas of dignity
O' Nature I am like a solitary reaper
gathering moss and into the woods i traverse eternally
for thou hath shown me the beauty in the stone uncarved
and shown me too the hearts of men chained with greed and insanity
O' Water
Nature doth giveth
inside of me like a river flows
bows and arrows of temptation and desolation may a thousand cometh
I shall thank thee O Nature in thine' s keep in peace and tranquility
in Walden III i saw a drop of water on a leaf of a lily
a crystal-ball of a universe it looked to me
O' Nature I thank thee for making me see
the inside of a universe thou guarded jealously with beauty
only to be stained with the blood of those thirsty for power and glory
between men the universe breaks asunder
like a rose blown to pieces by merely a violent thunder
I shall wait no paradise O Universe
of flowing rivers of milk
and men and young boys of eternal youth
who wine and feast in merriment eternally
I shall conspire with you O' Nature
to create one daily and into eternity we shall craft this place of eternal beauty
close to our heart's desire
away from the words of wise men in robes with forked tongue speaking about rewards of eternal quest for desire
I shall not wait such a paradise O' Nature
promises of 72 virgins and hourries aplenty
only for blowing up the self and the innocent others mindlessly
O' Walden III
may thou and I with Fate and Free Will agree
that the beauty in us knows no boundaries

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